Annual Events in Avon, CO: A Celebration Through the Seasons

Avon, Colorado, often hailed as the heart of the Vail Valley, isn’t just a hub for winter sports and picturesque landscapes. It’s a dynamic town that comes alive with numerous annual events celebrating its culture, heritage, and the spirit of community. If you’re planning a visit or even if you’re a local looking to participate in some town spirit, here’s a guide to the most awaited annual events in Avon, CO.


1. WinterWonderGrass Festival

WinterWonderGrass is not just another music festival. Set against the backdrop of snow-capped peaks, this festival marries bluegrass music with craft beer, creating a mesmerizing winter experience.

2. Avon Independence Day Celebration

Every July, Avon decks up to celebrate Independence Day in style. The Salute to the USA event offers a day filled with live music, family-friendly activities, and one of the most magnificent fireworks displays in Colorado.

3. Beaver Creek Art Festival

Held annually in August, the Beaver Creek Art Festival turns Avon into an art lover’s paradise. From paintings and sculptures to handmade jewelry, artists from all over the country showcase their creations.


4. Eagle River Cleanup

Showcasing the community spirit, the Eagle River Cleanup event sees locals and tourists coming together to clean the Eagle River, preserving the natural beauty of Avon.

5. SpudFest

Celebrate the harvest season with SpudFest. This family-friendly event is all about potatoes, with activities like potato sack races, cooking competitions, and lots of delicious treats.

6. Avon Winterfest

As the town gets draped in a blanket of snow, Winterfest kicks in. From ice sculpting exhibitions to cozy hot chocolate stalls, it’s a festive way to embrace the winter chill.

7. Lakeside Cinema Series

Every summer, the picturesque Nottingham Lake transforms into an open-air cinema. Enjoy classic films under the stars, making it a perfect outing for both families and couples.

8. Taste of Vail

Though not limited to Avon, the Taste of Vail is a culinary fest that one shouldn’t miss. It celebrates the valley’s vibrant culinary scene, offering a taste of the finest dishes from the region.

9. Avon Whitewater Rodeo Series

For adventure enthusiasts, the Whitewater Rodeo Series offers a chance to witness or partake in thrilling kayak and SUP board races in the Eagle River.

10. The Cirque Series Mountain Races

The mountainous terrain of Avon sets the perfect stage for the Cirque Series Mountain Races. It challenges athletes in a high-altitude environment, making it a must-watch for sports lovers.


Avon, CO, is much more than its scenic vistas and winter sports. The town pulsates with life, culture, and community spirit, as evidenced by its diverse annual events. Whether you’re a music lover, an art aficionado, or someone who enjoys community activities, Avon’s event calendar has something for everyone. These events not only offer entertainment but also provide a deep dive into the town’s culture and values. If you wish to experience Avon in its full glory, make sure to align your visit with one of these spectacular events. Dive into the heart of the Rockies and be a part of Avon’s rich traditions and celebrations!