Celebratory Peaks: A Guide to Annual Events in Leadville, CO

Introduction: The Elevated Festivities of Leadville

Leadville, CO, with its rich history and scenic beauty, is not just a paradise for adventure seekers but also a hub for a variety of annual events. These events celebrate the unique culture, heritage, and community spirit of this high-altitude town. Let’s explore the eclectic mix of festivities that make Leadville a vibrant and lively destination all year round.


1. Leadville Ski Joring: A Winter Spectacle

Every winter, the town comes alive with the Leadville Ski Joring, a thrilling event where skiers navigate a series of jumps and gates, pulled by horses. This adrenaline-packed competition is a unique blend of skiing and horsemanship, drawing spectators and participants from near and far.

2. Crystal Carnival Weekend: Embracing the Snow

Crystal Carnival Weekend is another winter extravaganza featuring a plethora of snow-based activities. From snowmobile races to winter mountain bike races, this event celebrates the frosty charm of Leadville, offering endless amusement for snow lovers.

3. Leadville Boom Days: A Nostalgic Journey

In August, the town steps back in time with Leadville Boom Days, a three-day celebration honoring its mining heritage. The event features a parade, burro races, mining competitions, and live entertainment, allowing attendees to experience the bygone days of the Old West.


4. Leadville Trail 100 Run: The “Race Across the Sky”

The renowned Leadville Trail 100 Run is a high-altitude ultramarathon traversing the heart of the Rocky Mountains. This grueling race challenges athletes with its rugged terrain and elevations, offering a true test of endurance and determination.

5. Leadville Film Festival: A Cinematic Retreat

For film aficionados, the Leadville Film Festival is a haven of cinematic delights. The event showcases a diverse array of films, documentaries, and shorts, fostering a culture of creativity and storytelling within the community.

6. Tennessee Pass Night Jam: A Moonlit Adventure

The Tennessee Pass Night Jam is a nocturnal mountain biking event under the radiant moonlight. Riders traverse the serene trails of Tennessee Pass, experiencing the enchanting landscape in a whole new light, adding a magical touch to their adventure.

7. Leadville BBQ & Brew Festival: A Culinary Celebration

The Leadville BBQ & Brew Festival is a gastronomic fiesta celebrating the savory art of barbecue and the rich diversity of craft beers. This event is a treat for the senses, offering a delectable journey through flavors, aromas, and culinary craftsmanship.

8. Silver Rush 50 Run/Bike: A Metallic Challenge

Silver Rush 50 Run/Bike is a series of high-altitude races challenging the participants to traverse 50 miles of Leadville’s picturesque but tough terrain. Whether on foot or on wheels, this event is a thrilling pursuit for adventure enthusiasts.

9. Independence Day Celebration: A Patriotic Affair

Every July, Leadville’s Independence Day Celebration fills the air with patriotic fervor. The event features a firecracker run, a parade, and a spectacular fireworks display, allowing the community and visitors to commemorate the nation’s birth with zeal.

10. Leadville Railroad’s Special Events: A Scenic Journey

Throughout the year, Leadville Railroad hosts a variety of special events, offering scenic train rides coupled with themed celebrations. From wildflower tours to fall photo excursions, these events present a unique way to experience Leadville’s enchanting landscapes.

11. Collegiate Peaks Music Festival: A Musical Escape

The Collegiate Peaks Music Festival brings together a diverse lineup of artists and bands, creating a melodious retreat in the mountains. Music lovers can revel in the vibrant tunes and harmonious vibes, making it a must-attend event for anyone seeking a musical escape.

Conclusion: Experiencing the Highs of Leadville Events

Annual events in Leadville, CO, are a harmonious blend of culture, adventure, and celebration. Whether it’s witnessing the daring athleticism of ski joring, reliving the mining history during Boom Days, indulging in a cinematic exploration, or reveling in musical escapades, each event offers a distinct slice of Leadville’s rich tapestry. These celebrations are not just occasions; they are experiences, painting the town with diverse hues of joy, camaraderie, and heritage. So, if you find yourself in Leadville, be sure to immerse yourself in these events and experience the elevated spirit and vibrant ethos of this mountainous wonderland.