The Spectacular Annual Events of Steamboat Springs, CO

Steamboat Springs, affectionately known as “Ski Town, U.S.A.”, is renowned not just for its world-class ski slopes but also for its vibrant calendar of events. Each year, residents and visitors alike mark their calendars for some of the most awaited annual events. From winter extravaganzas to summer festivals, Steamboat Springs never ceases to amaze. Here’s a rundown of the must-attend annual events in this scenic Colorado town.


1. Winter Carnival

Held in February, the Winter Carnival is one of Steamboat’s most iconic events. Established over a century ago, it showcases an enthralling blend of traditional winter sports combined with quirky competitions, such as shovel races and skijoring.

2. Steamboat Springs Hot Air Balloon Rodeo

Taking to the skies in July, this event adds vibrant colors to the blue mountain backdrop. The rodeo is not just about hot air balloon launches; it’s a full weekend of fun, complete with balloon glows and art fairs.

3. Strings Music Festival

A celebration of music, the Strings Music Festival spans the summer months and brings an array of musicians to Steamboat. From classical symphonies to contemporary bands, there’s something for every ear.


4. Steamboat Marathon, Half Marathon & 10K

Athletes and running enthusiasts flock to Steamboat every June for this challenging race. The route, surrounded by lush landscapes and rolling hills, offers one of the most picturesque marathons in the country.

5. Cowboys’ Roundup Days

Held around the Fourth of July, this event pays homage to Steamboat’s ranching roots. Expect a large rodeo, fireworks, and lots of country music.

6. Steamboat Wine Festival

For those with a palate for fine wines, the Steamboat Wine Festival in August is a must-attend. It’s a multi-day event full of tastings, seminars, and food pairings.

7. OktoberWest

Steamboat’s unique take on Oktoberfest, OktoberWest is held in September and celebrates Colorado’s burgeoning craft beer scene, offering beer tastings, live music, and of course, the famed beer stroll.

8. Steamboat Free Summer Concerts

Spanning the summer, these concerts bring both local bands and renowned artists to play against the backdrop of Steamboat’s stunning mountain vistas.

9. Yampa River Festival

Celebrating Steamboat’s beloved Yampa River, this June event features river races, community floats, and educational events all centered around river conservation.

10. Steamboat Art in the Park

Art enthusiasts will love this July event that sees local and national artists showcasing their work. From sculptures to paintings, there’s plenty to admire and purchase.


Steamboat Springs, CO, is much more than a winter sports destination. It’s a vibrant community with a rich history and a penchant for celebration. These annual events reflect the town’s unique blend of mountain culture, outdoor adventure, and artistic flair. Whether you’re a resident or a visitor, there’s always something happening in Steamboat Springs. Mark your calendars, and ensure you’re in town for at least one of these spectacular events. Each promises unforgettable memories and a deeper connection to this wonderful mountain town.