Savoring Alamosa: The Best Restaurants in Alamosa, CO

Located in the heart of the San Luis Valley, Alamosa is not just a gateway to the stunning Great Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve. It’s also home to a diverse culinary landscape. From hearty American dishes to spicy Mexican delights, Alamosa offers a variety of dining options that cater to every palate. Let’s dive into the best restaurants in Alamosa, CO.


1. Locavores

A favorite among locals and tourists alike, Locavores is known for its farm-to-table approach. Using locally-sourced ingredients, this establishment offers a fresh, ever-changing menu that highlights the best of the San Luis Valley’s produce.

2. San Luis Valley Brewing Company

Pairing craft beers with mouth-watering dishes, the San Luis Valley Brewing Company is a haven for beer enthusiasts. Their burgers and sandwiches, coupled with their in-house brews, make for a delightful culinary experience.

3. Calvillo’s Mexican Restaurant

For those craving authentic Mexican cuisine, Calvillo’s is the place to be. Their enchiladas, tamales, and chile rellenos, often touted as the best in town, promise a burst of flavor with every bite.


4. Trujillo’s Restaurant

Another gem in Alamosa’s Mexican culinary scene is Trujillo’s Restaurant. Renowned for its hearty breakfast burritos and traditional Mexican dishes, it’s a must-visit for those seeking comfort food.

5. The Roast

If you’re looking for a cozy spot to grab a coffee or a quick bite, The Roast should be on your list. Their artisanal coffees, paired with a selection of pastries and sandwiches, make it a perfect stop for breakfast or lunch.

6. Boogies Restaurant

A classic diner experience awaits at Boogies. From pancakes and omelets to burgers and milkshakes, they offer an extensive menu that’s bound to satisfy your American food cravings.

7. Hunan Chinese Restaurant

Offering a fusion of traditional and modern Chinese dishes, Hunan Chinese Restaurant is Alamosa’s go-to spot for Asian cuisine. Whether it’s the General Tso’s chicken or the vegetable lo mein, every dish promises authenticity.

8. Nino’s Mexican Restaurant

Yet another testament to Alamosa’s vibrant Mexican food scene, Nino’s Mexican Restaurant boasts a menu filled with classics like tacos, fajitas, and quesadillas, all served in generous portions.

9. Purple Pig Pizzeria

Pizza lovers, rejoice! Purple Pig Pizzeria serves up a range of delectable pizzas, from classic Margherita to innovative toppings, ensuring there’s something for every pizza aficionado.

10. May-Wa Chinese Restaurant

Another spot for Chinese cuisine lovers, May-Wa offers a diverse menu with dishes like sweet and sour chicken, beef with broccoli, and various vegetarian options.


Alamosa, CO, might be small in size, but its culinary offerings are vast and varied. The town beautifully blends traditional tastes with modern flavors, promising a delightful dining experience for all who visit. Whether you’re in the mood for a quick coffee, a spicy Mexican dish, or a hearty American meal, Alamosa’s restaurants have got you covered. Don’t just pass through; take a moment to savor what this charming town has to offer.